Tupperware Malaysia Incentive Trip 2014 Kunming

ini cuma poster rekaan saya dari bahan asal yang Tupperware Brands (M) Sdn.Bhd e-mail kan
I know many of you and your downlines are guessing and waiting with excitement to know the destination of our 2014 Incentive Trip.
The wait is over. The chosen destination for 2014 Tupperware Brands Incentive Trip is…
Jeng! Jeng! Jeng !!!!
A cultural & scenic masterpiece blessed with UNESCO Heritage site – KUNMING, China! 
Challenge Period
Starting April 2014 till August 2014. And here are the mechanics.
Syarat-syarat kelayakan bagi trip insentif Tupperware Brands Malaysia 2014 ialah:
#1 Anda mestilah seorang Director


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